First and foremost, of course, you need to earn due respect. In order to communicate on an equal footing with the director you need to feel being on an equal footing. But at the same time it is necessary to know your place and do not try to run ahead of the engine. The ability to honor the established chain of command is valued no less than ability to generate remarkable productive ideas.


Your head must be treated with respect. Whatever he or she is, it is now he or she is your boss and you have to cooperate with him or her, rather than conflicting. Even if you have better understanding of the situation, let the final decision to be taken by the head.


The second important point is your attitude to the company where you work. You can feel a cog in the machine that does its job well, but does only what he is told to do - this is the position of the performer. Chief Executive is not a friend to a performer.


Good Head looks at things differently - this is his company, that he leads it forward, it is in his hands the success of the enterprise. The position of the head is a position of a good owner, who cares for the business.


The same attitude should grow in you if you want to move forward on the career ladder. Do not wait responsive leadership, do not ask the head of what you do next - turn your head on and come to the boss with ready offers. Let him decide and take the laurels of the winner, but over and over again in his head an idea will be deposited, that it is exactly you who told him a good action.