Do not deceive yourself. All we are in the right place, which we are currently worth, and if the circumstances are such that changing the job to something more interesting and highly paid is not possible, you need to safely and responsibly continue working in your place. It makes no sense to indulge in self-pity or allow your pride to poison your existence.


If you can change a job, change it. If you cannot, keep working. And always remember that it is your decision and your choice that keeps you in this job. Neither circumstances, nor crisis take decisions for you, it is you who make a decision to stay and work in your place, even if you no longer like it.


The soul, in fact, is poisoned not by a boring job, low pay and meaningless duties. Suffering is brought by injured vanity and the desire to change what cannot be changed.


Here, you can continue to self-pity and by all possible ways to shirk from doing your work, or to pull yourself together and recognize that in life there are only your own decisions and your need to be responsible for them. It is you who decide to stay in this job for a certain time, and, hence, you take the responsibility for the performance of your duties.


And, perhaps, your soul will not sing on the way to work, but at least you will not look and feel pitiful victim of circumstances, so you will have a lot more chances to change your situation for the better, as this might turn up. Nobody likes victims and whiners while people, preserving the presence of mind in difficult situations, are always in great demand.